CF.ADDNX key item
Available in:
Redis Stack / Bloom 1.0.0
Time complexity:
O(k + i), where k is the number of sub-filters and i is maxIterations

Adds an item to a cuckoo filter if the item did not exist previously. See documentation on CF.ADD for more information on this command.

This command is equivalent to a CF.EXISTS + CF.ADD command. It does not insert an element into the filter if its fingerprint already exists in order to use the available capacity more efficiently. However, deleting elements can introduce false negative error rate!

Note that this command is slower than CF.ADD because it first checks whether the item exists.


  • key: The name of the filter
  • item: The item to add


Integer reply - where "1" means the item has been added to the filter, and "0" mean, the item already existed.


redis> CF.ADDNX cf item1
(integer) 0
redis> CF.ADDNX cf item_new
(integer) 1
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