CF.DEL key item
Available in:
Redis Stack / Bloom 1.0.0
Time complexity:
O(k), where k is the number of sub-filters

Deletes an item once from the filter. If the item exists only once, it will be removed from the filter. If the item was added multiple times, it will still be present.


Deleting elements that are not in the filter may delete a different item, resulting in false negatives.


  • key: The name of the filter
  • item: The item to delete from the filter


O(n), where n is the number of sub-filters. Both alternative locations are checked on all sub-filters.


Integer reply - where "1" means the item has been deleted from the filter, and "0" mean, the item was not found.


redis> CF.DEL cf item1
(integer) 1
redis> CF.DEL cf item_new
(integer) 0
redis> CF.DEL cf1 item_new
(error) Not found
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