JSON.GET key [INDENT indent] [NEWLINE newline] [SPACE space] [paths
  [paths ...]]
Available in:
Redis Stack / JSON 1.0.0
Time complexity:
O(N) when path is evaluated to a single value where N is the size of the value, O(N) when path is evaluated to multiple values, where N is the size of the key

Returns the value at path in JSON serialized form.

This command accepts multiple path arguments. If no path is given, it defaults to the value's root.

The following subcommands change the reply's format (all are empty string by default):

  • INDENT sets the indentation string for nested levels
  • NEWLINE sets the string that's printed at the end of each line
  • SPACE sets the string that's put between a key and a value

Produce pretty-formatted JSON with redis-cli by following this example:

~/$ redis-cli --raw> JSON.GET myjsonkey INDENT "\t" NEWLINE "\n" SPACE " " path.to.value[1]


Array reply of Bulk string reply - each string is the JSON serialization of each JSON value that matches a path.

When using a JSONPath, the root of the matching values is always an array. In contrast, the legacy path returns a single value.

If there are multiple paths that include both legacy path and JSONPath, the returned value conforms to the JSONPath version (an array of values).


redis> JSON.SET doc $ '{"a":2, "b": 3, "nested": {"a": 4, "b": null}}'

With a single JSONPath (JSON array bulk string):

redis> JSON.GET doc $..b

Using multiple paths with at least one JSONPath (map with array of JSON values per path):

redis> JSON.GET doc ..a $..b


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