Redis sponsors

Current and former Redis sponsors

From 2015 to 2020, Salvatore Sanfilippo's work on Redis was sponsored by Redis Ltd. Since June 2020, Redis Ltd. has sponsored the governance of Redis. Redis Ltd. also sponsors the hosting and maintenance of

Past sponsorships:

  • The Shuttleworth Foundation has donated 5000 USD to the Redis project in form of a flash grant.
  • From May 2013 to June 2015, the work Salvatore Sanfilippo did to develop Redis was sponsored by Pivotal.
  • Before May 2013, the project was sponsored by VMware with the work of Salvatore Sanfilippo and Pieter Noordhuis.
  • VMware and later Pivotal provided a 24 GB RAM workstation for Salvatore to run the Redis CI test and other long running tests. Later, Salvatore equipped the server with an SSD drive in order to test in the same hardware with rotating and flash drives.
  • Linode, in January 2010, provided virtual machines for Redis testing in a virtualized environment.
  • Slicehost, January 2010, provided Virtual Machines for Redis testing in a virtualized environment.
  • Citrusbyte, in December 2009, contributed part of Virtual Memory implementation.
  • Hitmeister, in December 2009, contributed part of Redis Cluster.
  • Engine Yard, in December 2009, contributed blocking POP (BLPOP) and part of the Virtual Memory implementation.

Also thanks to the following people or organizations that donated to the Project:

The Redis community is grateful to Redis Ltd., Pivotal, VMware and to the other companies and people who have donated to the Redis project. Thank you.

Citrusbyte sponsored the creation of the official Redis logo (designed by Carlos Prioglio) and transferred its copyright to Salvatore Sanfilippo.

They also sponsored the initial implementation of this site by Damian Janowski and Michel Martens.

The domain was donated for a few years to the project by I Want My Name.

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