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RedisGraph is a graph database built on Redis. This graph database uses GraphBlas under the hood for its sparse adjacency matrix graph representation.

Primary features

  • Adopting the Property Graph Model
    • Nodes (vertices) and Relationships (edges) that may have attributes
    • Nodes can have multiple labels
    • Relationships have a relationship type
  • Graphs represented as sparse adjacency matrices
  • OpenCypher with proprietary extensions as a query language
    • Queries are translated into linear algebra expressions

To see RedisGraph in action, visit Demos. To read the docs, visit


To quickly try out RedisGraph, launch an instance using docker:

docker run -p 6379:6379 -it --rm redis/redis-stack-server

Give it a try

After you load RedisGraph, you can interact with it using redis-cli.

Here we'll quickly create a small graph representing a subset of motorcycle riders and teams taking part in the MotoGP championship. Once created, we'll start querying our data.

With redis-cli

$ redis-cli> GRAPH.QUERY MotoGP "CREATE (:Rider {name:'Valentino Rossi'})-[:rides]->(:Team {name:'Yamaha'}), (:Rider {name:'Dani Pedrosa'})-[:rides]->(:Team {name:'Honda'}), (:Rider {name:'Andrea Dovizioso'})-[:rides]->(:Team {name:'Ducati'})"
1) 1) "Labels added: 2"
   2) "Nodes created: 6"
   3) "Properties set: 6"
   4) "Relationships created: 3"
   5) "Cached execution: 0"
   6) "Query internal execution time: 0.399000 milliseconds"

Now that our MotoGP graph is created, we can start asking questions. For example: Who's riding for team Yamaha?> GRAPH.QUERY MotoGP "MATCH (r:Rider)-[:rides]->(t:Team) WHERE = 'Yamaha' RETURN,"
1) 1) ""
   2) ""
2) 1) 1) "Valentino Rossi"
      2) "Yamaha"
3) 1) "Cached execution: 0"
   2) "Query internal execution time: 0.625399 milliseconds"

How many riders represent team Ducati?> GRAPH.QUERY MotoGP "MATCH (r:Rider)-[:rides]->(t:Team {name:'Ducati'}) RETURN count(r)"
1) 1) "count(r)"
2) 1) 1) (integer) 1
3) 1) "Cached execution: 0"
   2) "Query internal execution time: 0.624435 milliseconds"



  • The RedisGraph repository: git clone --recurse-submodules -j8

  • On Ubuntu Linux, run: apt-get install build-essential cmake m4 automake peg libtool autoconf python3

  • On OS X, verify that homebrew is installed and run: brew install cmake m4 automake peg libtool autoconf.

    • The version of Clang that ships with the OS X toolchain does not support OpenMP, which is a requirement for RedisGraph. One way to resolve this is to run brew install gcc g++ and follow the on-screen instructions to update the symbolic links. Note that this is a system-wide change - setting the environment variables for CC and CXX will work if that is not an option.

To build, run make in the project's directory.

Congratulations! You can find the compiled binary at: src/

Installing RedisGraph

RedisGraph is part of Redis Stack. See the Redis Stack download page for installation options.

Using RedisGraph

Before using RedisGraph, you should familiarize yourself with its commands and syntax as detailed in the command reference.

You can call RedisGraph's commands from any Redis client.

With redis-cli

$ redis-cli> GRAPH.QUERY social "CREATE (:person {name: 'roi', age: 33, gender: 'male', status: 'married'})"

With any other client

You can interact with RedisGraph using your client's ability to send raw Redis commands. The exact method for doing that depends on your client of choice.

Python example

This code snippet shows how to use RedisGraph with raw Redis commands from Python using redis-py:

import redis

r = redis.Redis()
reply = r.graph("social").query("MATCH (r:Rider)-[:rides]->(t:Team {name:'Ducati'}) RETURN count(r)")

Client libraries

Language-specific clients have been written by the community and the RedisGraph team for 6 languages.

The full list and links can be found on the Clients page.

Data import

The RedisGraph team maintains the redisgraph-bulk-loader for importing new graphs from CSV files.

The data format used by this tool is described in the GRAPH.BULK implementation details.

Mailing List / Forum

Got questions? Feel free to ask at the RedisGraph forum.


RedisGraph is licensed under the Redis Source Available License 2.0 (RSALv2) or the Server Side Public License v1 (SSPLv1).

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