RedisGraph Client Libraries

The full functionality of RedisGraph is available through redis-cli and the Redis API. RedisInsight is a visual tool that provides capabilities to design, develop and optimize into a single easy-to-use environment, and has built-in support for RedisGraph. In addition there are several client libraries to improve abstractions and allow for a more natural experience in a project's native language. Additionally, these clients take advantage of some RedisGraph features that may reduce network throughput in some circumstances.

Currently available Libraries

Project Language License Author Stars
Jedis Java MIT Redis Jedis-stars
redis-modules-java Java Apache 2.0 dengliming redis-modules-java-stars
redisgraph-py Python BSD Redis redisgraph-py-stars
JRedisGraph Java BSD Redis JRedisGraph-stars
redisgraph-rb Ruby BSD Redis redisgraph-rb-stars
redisgraph-go Go BSD Redis redisgraph-go-stars
rueidis Go Apache 2.0 Rueian rueidis-stars
node-redis JavaScript MIT Redis node-redis-stars
ioredisgraph JavaScript ISC Jonah ioredisgraph-stars
@hydre/rgraph JavaScript MIT Sceat rgraph-stars
redis-modules-sdk TypeScript BSD-3-Clause Dani Tseitlin redis-modules-sdk-stars
php-redis-graph PHP MIT KJDev php-redis-graph-stars
redislabs-redisgraph-php PHP MIT mkorkmaz redislabs-redisgraph-php-stars
redisgraph_php PHP MIT jpbourbon redisgraph_php-stars
redisgraph-ex Elixir MIT crflynn redisgraph-ex-stars
redisgraph-rs RUST MIT malte-v redisgraph-rs-stars
redis_graph RUST BSD tompro redis_graph-stars
NRedisGraph C# BSD tombatron NRedisGraph-stars
RedisGraphDotNet.Client C# BSD Sgawrys RedisGraphDotNet.Client-stars
RedisGraph.jl Julia MIT xyxel RedisGraph.jl-stars

Implementing a client

Information on some of the tasks involved in writing a RedisGraph client can be found in the Client Specification.


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