Client Libraries

List of RedisJSON client libraries

RedisJSON has several client libraries, written by the module authors and community members - abstracting the API in different programming languages.

While it is possible and simple to use the raw Redis commands API, in most cases it's easier to just use a client library abstracting it.

Currently available Libraries

Project Language License Author Stars Package
jedis Java MIT Redis Stars Maven
redis-py Python MIT Redis Stars pypi
node-redis Node.js MIT Redis Stars npm
nredisstack .NET MIT Redis Stars nuget
redis-om-python python BSD-3-Clause Redis redis-om-python-stars PyPi
Redisson Java Apache-2.0 Redisson Redisson-stars Maven
redis-modules-java Java Apache-2.0 Liming Deng @dengliming redis-modules-java-stars maven
redis-om-spring Java BSD-3-Clause Redis redis-om-spring-stars
iorejson Node.js MIT Evan Huang @evanhuang8 iorejson-stars npm
ioredis-rejson Node.js MIT Felipe Schulz @schulzf ioredis-rejson-stars npm
redis-om-node Node BSD-3-Clause Redis redis-om-node-stars npm
go-rejson Go MIT Nitish Malhotra @nitishm go-rejson-stars
rejonson Go Apache-2.0 Daniel Krom @KromDaniel rejonson-stars
rueidis Go Apache-2.0 Rueian @rueian rueidis-stars
NReJSON .NET MIT/Apache-2.0 Tommy Hanks @tombatron NReJSON-stars nuget
redis-om-dotnet .NET BSD-3-Clause Redis redis-om-dotnet-stars nuget
phpredis-json PHP MIT Rafa Campoy @averias phpredis-json-stars composer
redislabs-rejson PHP MIT Mehmet Korkmaz @mkorkmaz redislabs-rejson-stars composer
rejson-rb Ruby MIT Pavan Vachhani @vachhanihpavan rejson-rb-stars rubygems
rustis Rust MIT Dahomey Technologies rustis-stars crate
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