Redis Cloud and Confluent

Create Real-Time Streaming Data Pipelines with Instant Data Access

How Confluent and Redis Enterprise work together

Utilizing connectivity tools like Confluent Connect, the integration between Redis Cloud and Confluent streamlines data interchange between applications and data systems. Redis Cloud facilitates real-time access and analysis across various data sources, seamlessly integrating into streaming data environments. The Redis sink connector facilitates data export from Confluent to Redis Cloud t, while the Redis source connector subscribes to Redis Streams channels enabling message transfer to Confluent.

Primary Use Cases for Redis Cloud and Confluent Integration

Real-time Data Access with a Real-time Data Pipeline

Together, Redis Cloud and Confluent ensure swift data access and distribution across various sources. Redis Cloud serves as the in-memory database facilitating real-time data access, while Confluent orchestrates the distribution of information across the organization. This is especially valuable for scenarios such as real-time inventory management.

Interservice Microservices Communication

Redis Cloud acts as both the source and target for information exchange, with Confluent facilitating event distribution among microservices. This integration enables real-time communication and data analysis across microservices, enhancing application flexibility and responsiveness.

Data Synchronization from Legacy Databases

Redis Cloud and Confluent support various data synchronization use cases, including cache prefetching, CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), and legacy database migration. Confluent Connect ensures real-time replication and synchronization, ensuring data consistency across platforms throughout the migration process.

Redis Cloud

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