How Real-Time Session Stores Maximize Engagement

How Real-Time Session Stores Maximize Engagement

Keep Players Glued To Your Game With Real-Time Session Stores

The bar has been set and it’s sky-high. Players are brutal in their assessments and expect games to track their progress, inventory, and every other command they make. 

Session stores are at the heart of everything and failing to have them in real time will create a ripple that will spread out and decimate all areas of performance. This can lead to a drop in DAUs, a decrease in brand value, plummeting profits, and dwindling market share.

To get real-time session stores and supercharge engagement, you need to have a real-time database. 

In this ebook, we’ll walk you through the technical requirements of real-time session stores and how you can implement them. You’ll learn:

  • Player expectations of real-time session stores
  • The technical requirements behind real-time session stores
  • How a real-time database is essential to meeting those requirements

Download the e-book. Get real time session stores. And skyrocket engagement. 

Maximize Engagement. Increase DAUs. Boost Profits.

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