The open source, in-memory data store used by millions of developers as a database, cache, streaming engine, and message broker.

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A vibrant, open source database

Voted the most-loved database for 5 years running, Redis is at the center of an engaged community of developers, architects, and open source contributors.

4B+ Docker pulls
50K+ Github stars
50+ Supported programing languages

Core capabilities

In-memory data structures

Well-known as a "data structure server", with support for strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, streams, and more.

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Server-side scripting with Lua and server-side stored procedures with Redis Functions.

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A module API for building custom extensions to Redis in C, C++, and Rust.

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Keeps the dataset in memory for fast access, but can also persist all writes to permanent storage to survive reboots and system failures.

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Horizontal scalability with hash-based sharding, scaling to millions of nodes with automatic re-partitioning when growing the cluster.

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High availability

Replication with automatic failover for both standalone and clustered deployments.

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Use cases

Real-time data store

Redis' versatile in-memory data structures let you build data infrastructure for real-time applications requiring low latency and high-throughput.

Caching & session storage

Redis' speed makes it ideal for caching database queries, complex computations, API calls, and session state.

Streaming & messaging

The stream data type enables high-speed data ingestion, messaging, event sourcing, and notifications.

Redis Stack

Redis Stack extends Redis with modern data models and processing engines to provide a complete developer experience. Download the source, install using your favorite package manager, or spin it up for free in the cloud.

Visualize and optimize your Redis data with RedisInsight.

Redis Stack use cases

Searchable Redis

Index and query Redis data structures and data models. Run complex aggregations and full-text search on your Redis data.

Document database

Model domain entirely in Redis and efficiently query your JSON data without ever having to use a cache.


Ingest continuous readings from devices in the field, storing them as time series data or analyzing and de-duplicating with probabilistic data structures.

Identity and resource management

Define digital resources and ACLs as a graph, and compute permissions in real-time with a single Cypher query.

Vector similarity search

Query vector embeddings to power image search, recommendation engines, and natural language text processing.

Fraud detection

Detect fraud in real time with graph analysis, probabilistic queries, vector search, and stream processing.