The open-source, in-memory data store used by millions of developers as a cache, vector database, document database, streaming engine, and message broker.

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A vibrant, open-source database

Voted the most-loved database, Redis is at the center of an engaged community of developers, architects, and open-source contributors.

  • 4B+ Docker pulls
  • 60K+ Github stars
  • 50+ Supported programming languages

Core capabilities

  • In-memory data structures

    Well-known as a "data structure server", with support for strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, streams, and more.

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  • Programmability

    Server-side scripting with Lua and server-side stored procedures with Redis Functions.

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  • Extensibility

    A module API for building custom extensions to Redis in C, C++, and Rust.

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  • Persistence

    Keeps the dataset in memory for fast access, but can also persist all writes to permanent storage to survive reboots and system failures.

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  • Clustering

    Horizontal scalability with hash-based sharding, scaling to millions of nodes with automatic re-partitioning when growing the cluster.

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  • High availability

    Replication with automatic failover for both standalone and clustered deployments.

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Use cases

  • Real-time data store

    Redis' versatile in-memory data structures enable building data infrastructure for real-time applications that require low latency and high-throughput.

  • Caching & session storage

    Redis' speed makes it ideal for caching database queries, complex computations, API calls, and session state.

  • Streaming & messaging

    The stream data type enables high-rate data ingestion, messaging, event sourcing, and notifications.

Redis Stack

Redis Stack extends Redis with modern data models and processing engines to provide a complete developer experience. Download the source, install using your favorite package manager, or spin it up for free in the cloud.

  • Canvas 1Layer 1

    Redis Stack Server lets you build applications with searchable JSON and time series data models, and extended probabilistic data structures.

  • Get productive quickly with the Redis Stack object mapping and client libraries.

  • Visualize and optimize your Redis data with RedisInsight.

Redis Stack use cases

  • Searchable Redis

    Index and query Redis data structures and data models; run complex aggregations and full-text search on your Redis data.

  • Document database

    Leverage JSON and its flexible data model to use Redis as a document database. Model, search, and query your data efficiently without needing an additional cache. See the quick start guide for more information.

  • Telemetry

    Ingest continuous readings from devices in the field, storing as time series data or analyzing and deduplicating with probabilistic data structures.

  • Identity and resource management

    Define digital resources and ACLs as a graph, and compute permissions in real-time with a single Cypher query.

  • Vector search

    Develop AI-powered applications by querying vector embeddings. You can use Redis as a vector database to implement recommendation systems, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), LLM semantic caching, and more. See the quick start guide for more information.

  • Fraud detection

    All the tools to detect fraud in real time, probabilistic queries, vector search, and even processing using streams.