LREM key count value

Removes the first count occurrences of elements equal to value from the list stored at key. The count argument influences the operation in the following ways:

For example, LREM list -2 "hello" will remove the last two occurrences of "hello" in the list stored at list.

Note that non-existing keys are treated like empty lists, so when key does not exist, the command will always return 0.

*Return value

Integer reply: the number of removed elements.


redis>  RPUSH mylist "hello"
(integer) 1
redis>  RPUSH mylist "hello"
(integer) 2
redis>  RPUSH mylist "foo"
(integer) 3
redis>  RPUSH mylist "hello"
(integer) 4
redis>  LREM mylist -2 "hello"
(integer) 2
redis>  LRANGE mylist 0 -1
1) "hello"
2) "foo"
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