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Redis Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a fully managed, real-time database-as-a-service and cache. Sign up for a free, 14-day trial of Redis Cloud on AWS to see the difference our platform can make for your apps—with no commitments.

Why Redis Cloud on AWS?

Redis Cloud is the only option on AWS that delivers sub-millisecond speed, provides 99.999% uptime, and saves up to 80% on infrastructure costs. Redis Cloud on AWS is flexible, easy-to-use, and combines reliable infrastructure with simplified database provisioning.

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Flexibility for any organization

Getting started with Redis Cloud on AWS is fast and easy. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we have an option to meet your needs. When you deploy on AWS, you’ll get a single bill with Redis Cloud as a line item, with any spend counting toward your cloud commit.

Redis Cloud is the highest performing, most reliable, and easy to use version of Redis that helps your team:

  • Realize cost savings through efficient design. Save on infrastructure costs by combining multiple Redis databases in a multi-tenant design that efficiently uses compute resources at scale.
  • Avoid operational headaches. Offload the work of managing Redis clusters and reclaim time to focus on building exceptional experiences.
  • Scale with no downtime. Avoid unnecessary maintenance windows by adjusting usage at any time while Redis Cloud handles all background infrastructure operations.
  • Build reliable, low latency apps. Additional availability and persistence options offer up to 99.999% uptime for global apps with support for Active-Active geo-distribution.

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Build Generative AI apps fast

Redis Cloud is a fully-managed vector database service for building real-time apps. Our platform supports Generative AI workloads with data strategies that improve efficiency, reduce LLM costs, and enhance scalability and performance. 

Integrated with Amazon Bedrock, we help organizations streamline AI development processes through retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and LLM semantic caching for chatbots, recommendation systems, and document search.

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AWS Data and Analytics Competency Designation

The AWS Data and Analytics Competency recognizes our demonstrated success helping customers collect, store, govern, and analyze data at any scale. This designation highlights our specialized solutions designed to help enterprises adopt, develop, and deploy complex projects.

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