HINCRBYFLOAT key field increment

Increment the specified field of a hash stored at key, and representing a floating point number, by the specified increment. If the field does not exist, it is set to 0 before performing the operation. An error is returned if one of the following conditions occur:

  • The field contains a value of the wrong type (not a string).
  • The current field content or the specified increment are not parsable as a double precision floating point number.

The exact behavior of this command is identical to the one of the INCRBYFLOAT command, please refer to the documentation of INCRBYFLOAT for further information.

*Return value

Bulk string reply: the value of field after the increment.


redis>  HSET mykey field 10.50
(integer) 1
redis>  HINCRBYFLOAT mykey field 0.1
redis>  HSET mykey field 5.0e3
(integer) 0
redis>  HINCRBYFLOAT mykey field 2.0e2

*Implementation details

The command is always propagated in the replication link and the Append Only File as a HSET operation, so that differences in the underlying floating point math implementation will not be sources of inconsistency.

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