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Take control of your data

Unlock the full potential of Redis at enterprise scale. You know us for helping you build fast apps fast. Now, you get compliance, reliability, and unmatched resiliency for any enterprise needs.

Compete with the best of them

Deploy any way you want

Hybrid Cloud

Implement on your private or public cloud of choice to ensure data compliance and security governance.


Use Tanzu-as-a-service for launching and managing the life cycle of your infrastructure, through our integration for Pivotal Platform.


Leverage the Redis Kubernetes Operator to reliably manage your app in an extensible, modular way, while automating the deployment of clusters and databases.


Deploy Redis-as-a-service internally for all your teams and business units to leverage the power of fast data—fast.

Designed for your role

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Easier to manage Loved by developers everywhere.
Code in any language Use Redis OM or the fully supported official Redis client libraries to get started fast in any language.
Deep data insights Visualize, monitor, and manage your data with Redis Insight.
Fast apps, built fast We support common data models including JSON and Search and Query with seamless migration from Redis Stack.
Stay in control Move from theory to servers fast, while ensuring data compliance and security governance.

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Use cases for your needs World-class, highly regulated businesses leverage our software for fraud detection, claims processing, and more.
Built for anywhere and everywhere Provide customers with real-time apps at virtually any scale no matter where they are in the world.
Unify the data layer Transform legacy data into real-time data and scale consistently across any infrastructure, on-premises, hybrid, and the globe.
Stay ahead of your competition Full support for the latest version of Redis.

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Skip the disasters Enable up to 99.999% uptime for customer SLAs, single-digit-second failover, and no data loss.
Go beyond memory limits Deploy Redis for apps with large datasets. Extend total cluster memory capacity with SSDs using auto tiering and save up to 70% in storage costs.
Fast access to experts 24/7 support from the technical experts who built Redis.

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