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Powering LangChain OpenGPTs with

OpenGPTs lets you select your ideal LLM provider, system prompt, and enabled tools. Redis is the default vector database.


Vector search with Redis and NodeJS

This tutorial is a comprehensive guide to leveraging Redis for vector similarity search in a NodeJS environment.


Build intelligent apps with vector search

VS empowers developers to build intelligent applications with powerful features such as “visual search” or “semantic similarity”...

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Real-time local inventory search with Redis

How to use Redis for real-time local inventory search across different regional stores...


Using Redis for write-behind caching

Consider Redis with this pattern when you need to flatten peaks in demand, batch multiple writes, or offload your primary database.


GenAI chatbots with LangChain and Redis

Learn how to build a GenAI chatbot and how to use OpenAI's language model to generate responses to user queries...

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Image search with Redis vector DB

Redis LangChain masterclass

CircleCI: What is it and why it's important

Kubernetes Operator: What it is and why it's important

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