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You don’t have time

for slow data

Work simpler with Redis Data Integration

Redis Data Integration (RDI) is a powerful tool that synchronizes data from your existing database into Redis in near real time. We do the heavy lifting, so you can make slow data fast, scale limitlessly, and stop wasting money on excessive database costs—all without writing code.

How it works

Make slow
data faster

Seamlessly integrate your Redis data with your existing databases to access data faster and launch real-time apps at any scale.

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Sync data
& work simply

Stop wasting resources with multiple teams manually building data pipelines to sync data. Easily manage data and keep it in sync with configuration—not code. 

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Avoid excessive
database costs

Forget the days of spending dev time building a data pipeline or spending money on commercial data integration tools. Instead of paying for expensive read-replicas, offload reads to Redis.

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See how our customers use RDI

“At Axis Bank, prioritizing our customers’ needs is paramount, and integrating Redis has been instrumental. By leveraging Redis, we have achieved rapid data retrieval, improved performance, elevated user experience and enhanced stability for over 10 million daily users. This highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in financial services. Our customers now enjoy a seamless and efficient digital banking experience, reaffirming our dedication to excellence.” -Rupesh Sawant, Group Head – Retail and Digital Channels, Axis Bank
less latency
UX complaints eliminated
in savings
"We don't want any operational headache between the systems. It should all be reliable and work flawlessly; that's what we’re counting on. So far, Redis is giving us the tools and peace of mind we were looking for so that we can spend more time focusing on our customers."
faster inventory updates
more web conversions
revenue loss saved
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Work better, faster

Make nearly any
database faster

We cover a lot of databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona XtraDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Google Cloud SQL, and more.

Ingest without

Identify, transform, and instantly ingest data from your database into Redis to keep your database and Redis in sync—without writing code.

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Manage your data
pipeline simply

With our RDI integration, you can create, validate, deploy, and visualize your data pipelines seamlessly from within Redis Insight.

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Integrate your
data reliably 

RDI is built for high-availability, is self-healing, and provides a delivery guarantee of at-least-once so you can integrate your data with confidence.

Work with your
favorite tools

RDI supports popular ops tools, like RDI CLI and Grafana dashboard, with metrics via Prometheus exporter.

Do more with Redis

Because RDI prefetches your full dataset in the format your app needs, you can query your data directly in Redis in real time.

Learn how

Learn more about RDI

Read our RDI product docs to see what happens behind the scenes.

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