To get help or provide any feedback, the main channel is the Redis mailing list:

For bug reports please just use Github.

Other places where you can find people interested in Redis:

*Project governance

Redis has adopted a light governance model that is intended to be a meritocracy, aiming to empower individuals who demonstrate a long-term commitment and make significant contributions.

For more information refer to the Governance page.

*Conferences and meetups

*Contributing to Redis

Would you like to contribute a feature to Redis?

  1. Drop a message to the mailing list with your proposal. Make sure you explain what the use case is and how the API would look like.

  2. If you get good feedbacks, do the following to submit a patch:

    1. Fork the official repository.
    2. Clone your fork: git clone git@github.com:<your-username>/redis.git
    3. Make sure tests are passing for you: make && make test
    4. Create a topic branch: git checkout -b new-feature
    5. Add tests and code for your changes.
    6. Once you're done, make sure all tests still pass: make && make test
    7. Commit and push to your fork.
    8. Create an issue with a link to your patch.
    9. Sit back and enjoy.

There are other ways to help: