*Commercial Support

Redis Ltd. is the official sponsor of open source Redis.

In addition, Redis Ltd. provides commercial support with Redis Enterprise, available as a serverless fully-managed cloud service and an on-premises software deployment.

Redis Enterprise simplifies the management of Redis at scale and includes advanced security, active-active geo distribution, and on-call customer support.

Redis Ltd. also develops several Redis modules that extend the functionality of Redis. These include RediSearch (querying, indexing, and full-text search for Redis), RedisJSON (JSON for Redis), RedisAI (running AI inferencing closer to where you data lives, in Redis), RedisGraph (a Graph database on Redis), RedisTimeSeries (a time series database on Redis), RedisBloom (advanced probabilistic data-structures for Redis: bloom and cuckoo filters, count-min sketch, top-k) and RedisGears (a distributed programmability engine for Redis).

*Community Support

Visit the Community page for public support options and details on how to contribute to Redis.