Data type handling

Describes how relational data types are converted to Redis data types

Debezium type handling

RDI automatically converts data that has a Debezium JSON schema into Redis types. Some Debezium types require special conversion. For example:

  • Date and Time types are converted to epoch time.
  • Decimal numeric types are converted to strings that can be used by applications without losing precision.

The following Debezium logical types are currently handled:

  • double
  • float
  • io.debezium.time.Date
  • io.debezium.time.NanoTime
  • io.debezium.time.NanoTimestamp
  • io.debezium.time.MicroTime
  • io.debezium.time.MicroTimestamp
  • io.debezium.time.ZonedTime
  • io.debezium.time.ZonedTimestamp

These types are currently not supported and will return "Unsupported Error":

  • io.debezium.time.interval

All other values will be treated as plain String.

For more information, see a full list of source database values conversion.

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