RIOT data generators

RIOT includes two data generators that can be used to quickly create mock data for Redis.


The faker-import command generates data using Datafaker.

riot -h <host> -p <port> faker-import SpEL... [Redis command...]

where SpEL is a Spring Expression Language field in the form field="expression".

To show the full usage, run:

riot faker-import --help

Redis commands

You must specify at least one Redis command as a target.

The keys that will be written are constructed from input records by concatenating the keyspace prefix and key fields.


Redis connection options apply to the root command (riot) and not to sub-commands.

In the following example the redis options will not be taken into account:

riot file-import my.json hset -h -p 6380


Hash example

riot faker-import id="#index" firstName="name.firstName" lastName="name.lastName" address="address.fullAddress" hset --keyspace person --keys id

Set example

riot faker-import name="gameOfThrones.character" --count 1000 sadd --keyspace got:characters --members name

Most providers don’t take any arguments and can be called directly. For example:

riot faker-import firstName="name.firstName"

Some providers take parameters. For example:

riot faker-import lease="number.digits(2)"

Refer to Datafaker Providers for complete documentation.

Search and query

You can infer Faker fields from a Redis Stack search and query index using the --infer option:

riot faker-import --infer beerIdx hset --keyspace beer --keys id
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