Environment variables

Redis Insight supported environment variables

You can configure Redis Insight with the following environment variables.

Variable Purpose Default Additional info
RI_APP_PORT The port that Redis Insight listens on
  • Docker: 5540
  • desktop: 5530
See Express Documentation
RI_APP_HOST The host that Redis Insight connects to
  • Docker:
  • desktop:
See Express Documentation
RI_SERVER_TLS_KEY Private key for HTTPS n/a Private key in PEM format. Can be a path to a file or a string in PEM format.
RI_SERVER_TLS_CERT Certificate for supplied private key n/a Public certificate in PEM format. Can be a path to a file or a string in PEM format.
RI_ENCRYPTION_KEY Key to encrypt data with n/a Available only for Docker.
Redis insight stores sensitive information (database passwords, Workbench history, etc.) locally (using sqlite3). This variable allows you to store sensitive information encrypted using the specified encryption key.
Note: The same encryption key should be provided for subsequent docker run commands with the same volume attached to decrypt the information.
RI_LOG_LEVEL Configures the log level of the application. info Supported logging levels are prioritized from highest to lowest:
  • error
  • warn
  • info
  • http
  • verbose
  • debug
  • silly
RI_FILES_LOGGER Logs to file true By default, you can find log files in the following folders:
  • Docker: /data/logs
  • desktop: <user-home-dir>/.redisinsight-app/logs
RI_PROXY_PATH Configures a subpath for a proxy n/a Available only for Docker.
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