Client Libraries

RedisBloom has several client libraries, written by the module authors and community members - abstracting the API in different programming languages. While it is possible and simple to use the raw Redis commands API, in most cases it's easier to just use a client library abstracting it.

Currently available Libraries

Project Language License Author URL
Jedis Java MIT Redis GitHub
redisbloom-py Python BSD Redis GitHub
JRedisBloom Java BSD Redis GitHub
node-redis JavaScript MIT Redis GitHub
redisbloom-go Go BSD Redis GitHub
rueidis Go Apache License 2.0 Rueian GitHub
rebloom JavaScript MIT Albert Team GitHub
phpredis-bloom PHP MIT Rafa Campoy GitHub
phpRebloom PHP MIT Alessandro Balasco GitHub
redis-modules-sdk TypeScript BSD-3-Clause Dani Tseitlin GitHub
redis-modules-java Java Apache License 2.0 dengliming GitHub
NRedisBloom .NET MIT yadazula GitHub


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