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Quick Start Guide for RedisBloom

Redis Cloud

RedisBloom is available on all Redis Cloud managed services. Redis Cloud Essentials offers a completely free managed database up to 30MB.

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Launch RedisBloom with Docker

docker run -p 6379:6379 --name redis-redisbloom redis/redis-stack-server


A pre-compiled version can be downloaded from Redis download center.


git clone --recursive https://github.com/RedisBloom/RedisBloom.git
cd RedisBloom
bash -l


make run

Bloom Filters

Bloom: Adding new items to the filter

A new filter is created for you if it does not yet exist> BF.ADD newFilter foo
(integer) 1

Bloom: Checking if an item exists in the filter> BF.EXISTS newFilter foo
(integer) 1> BF.EXISTS newFilter notpresent
(integer) 0

Bloom: Adding and checking multiple items> BF.MADD myFilter foo bar baz
1) (integer) 1
2) (integer) 1
3) (integer) 1> BF.MEXISTS myFilter foo nonexist bar
1) (integer) 1
2) (integer) 0
3) (integer) 1

Bloom: Creating a new filter with custom properties> BF.RESERVE customFilter 0.0001 600000
OK> BF.MADD customFilter foo bar baz

Cuckoo Filters

Cuckoo: Adding new items to a filter

Create an empty cuckoo filter with an initial capacity (of 1000 items)> CF.RESERVE newCuckooFilter 1000
(integer) 1

A new filter is created for you if it does not yet exist> CF.ADD newCuckooFilter foo
(integer) 1

You can add the item multiple times. The filter will attempt to count it.

Cuckoo: Checking whether item exists> CF.EXISTS newCuckooFilter foo
(integer) 1> CF.EXISTS newCuckooFilter notpresent
(integer) 0

Cuckoo: Deleting item from filter> CF.DEL newCuckooFilter foo
(integer) 1
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