Commands Overview


Supported JSON

RedisJSON aims to provide full support for ECMA-404 The JSON Data Interchange Standard.

The term JSON Value refers to any of the valid values. A Container is either a JSON Array or a JSON Object. A JSON Scalar is a JSON Number, a JSON String, or a literal (JSON False, JSON True, or JSON Null).


Details on module's commands can be filtered for a specific module or command, e.g., JSON. The details also include the syntax for the commands, where:

  • Command and subcommand names are in uppercase, for example JSON.SET or INDENT
  • Optional arguments are enclosed in square brackets, for example [index]
  • Additional optional arguments are indicated by three period characters, for example ...

Commands usually require a key's name as their first argument. The path is generally assumed to be the root if not specified.

The time complexity of the command does not include that of the path. The size - usually denoted N - of a value is:

  • 1 for scalar values
  • The sum of sizes of items in a container
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