Want to demonstrate your mastery of Redis? Read on to see how you can earn your official certification.

Redis Certified Developer is our professional certification program for software developers who regularly work with Redis. Earning this certification is a great way to ensure that you've achieved a high level of Redis mastery. You can also use this certification to demonstrate your Redis expertise to prospective employers.

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A Redis Certified Developer understands how to use the full breadth of Redis's data structures to store and access data for a wide variety of use cases. Even if you've used Redis extensively, you'll want to dedicate time for study and review. When you enroll in the Redis Certified Developer Program, you'll be given a study guide and access to a practice test.

There are three prerequisite courses that must be successfully completed before enrolling in the Developer Certification Program: Introduction to Redis Data Structures, Redis Streams, and any other elective Redis University class of your choice.


The Redis Certified Developer exam is a timed, 90-minute multiple-choice test. You can schedule your exam at any time and take it from any location, including your own home.

Badges and Certificates

Developers who successfully pass the certification exam will receive a signed, digital badge and certificate with a unique, persistent URL. This will serve as proof of your certification. You can display this badge on your LinkedIn profile, promote it on your resume, or link to it from anywhere on the web.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how many times I can take it?
You are limited to three times.
What is the cost of enrolling in the Redis Certified Developer Program?
Anyone can enroll in the Redis Certified Developer Program for free. This gets you access to the study guide and practice test.
What is the cost of the exam?
We are proud to offer the Developer Certification Exam at no cost.
What is the minimum score required to pass the Developer Certification Exam?
Students must achieve a scaled score of 500 out of 700 total points in order to pass the Developer Certification Exam. This translates to 70% of the exam questions being answered correctly.
Are the Redis Stack features (JSON, Query, TimeSeries, etc.) included in the Developer Certification exam?
No. The Redis Stack features will be covered in a separate certification program.
When do I need to schedule my exam?
You may take the the exam at any time after you have met the course prerequisites.
What language is used to administer the exam?
All of the exam questions are written in English.
When will I receive the results of my exam?
You'll receive your exam results within two weeks of taking the exam.
How do I prepare for the exam?
Once you register for Redis Certified Developer, you'll get access to a complete study guide and one practice test. The study guide describes each of the objectives that the exam is designed to evaluate. The guide also provides a number of suggestions on how to prepare for particular topics tested on the exam.
What happens if I don't pass the Redis Certified Developer Exam?
In the case that you do not meet the required grade to pass the exam, you will be able to retake the test in 4 weeks. You will also receive an email outlining each individual section's score; we urge you to focus on those specific sections in your studies and practice for improvement.
What if I have other questions that aren't answered here?
Email us at certification@redis.com, and we'll get back to you right away.