3rd Time Is A Charm! Garantia Data Is Now Redis Labs

Today we’re thrilled to officially announce our company’s new name: Redis. Since 2012, the developer community has known us as Garantia Data or by the names of our popular services, Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud (even better).

This new name is a natural step for our continued engagement with the Redis and NoSQL community. Redis has been both a contributor to the open source Redis project and a top choice among developers for building Redis database instances with infinite scalability, high availability, stable top performance, and zero management.

Why Redis?

This corporate re-branding reflects our commitment to making Redis one of the leading databases of choice among developers for many years to come. Redis is one of the fastest-growing NoSQL databases, with a vibrant open source community and high visibility users, which require super-fast read/write capabilities. The name change aligns with our commitment to making Redis a cornerstone of every application with demanding performance requirements.

Didn’t you already change the name?

In November 2013, we announced $9M in Series A funding and a name change to RedisDB. However, after listening to the Redis community’s concern about possible confusion between the open-source project name and our company name, we decided to stick with our original Garantia Data name for the time being. Two months later, after gathering additional feedback from the community on the name Redis, and confirming that no such confusion exists in this case, we’re ready to unveil our new name.

What does this mean for your Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud users?

The only thing that’s changing is our corporate identity – you can expect the same great service for both Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud. Regarding our popular Memcached Cloud service, it’s important to note that we’re still committed to this offering, which is actually powered by a Redis engine and our proprietary dynamic clustering technology. This allows us to support capabilities and use cases that are not available in OSS Memcached, including storage engine, replication and auto-failover.

Questions about the name change? Please email me or ping me on Twitter!