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Let’s talk Redis

Got questions? Have something to share?

The Redis Discord server is a friendly community of Redis users from all around. Here you can ask general questions, get answers, and share your knowledge. 

If you have a more involved question, or just prefer forums to chat, then check out the Redis user forum. You’ll receive timely, accurate response here from our engineers and developer advocates. 

Free, online courses

Want to learn Redis from the ground up?

Redis University, our free, online education portal, offers a series of self-paced courses for learning the basics of Redis. Start with RU101: Introduction to Redis Data Structures, and then move on to our application developer courses for Java, Node.js, and Python developers.

Demonstrate your mastery of Redis with Redis Certification. We offer all the materials you need to successfully complete the exam, including a complete study, a practice test, and free access to all of our online courses.

Explainer videos

Don’t have time for an online course? Try our YouTube channel.

We’re created a series of Redis explainer videos that we hope are worthy of a binge watch. Tune in as our developer advocates entertainingly teach the the core Redis data structures.