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The value of more

“For years, we’ve been using managed Redis, but the addition of module support with the other capabilities for high availability and advanced clustering options are attractive. This is the first time I’ve seen that offered and it’s really great.”

Robert Taylor

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer, Adobe

Real-Time Analysis of Billions of Records

“RediSearch eliminates the performance bottlenecks by allowing users who index the database to index the data sets and align querying an aggregate in a real-time manner. RediSearch’s ability to execute this query in sub-millisecond latency is truly a game changer.”

Harish Kathpalia

Lead Software Engineer, Capital One

Continued Benefits at Scale

“Redis is a well-established enterprise system. There’s no known scaling limits. We have a ton of positive metrics coming out and continue to get all of the support that we need.”

Will Oberman

CTO, CivicScience
Angel One
Raymond James
Ulta Beauty

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