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Power real-time apps that improve patient outcomes and lower costs

Redis Enterprise provides the performance and reliability healthcare organizations need to deliver patient-centered healthcare applications that remain highly available in any scenario.

It’s an unprecedented time for healthcare

COVID-19 has put tremendous pressure on the global healthcare system in a time when the cost of care is steadily growing. Your organization needs to not only maintain operational continuity, but to also explore new ways of providing care and increasing operational efficiency.

The bar is rising for patient experience

Consumers already expected digital and user-friendly ways to manage their healthcare journeys—now the demand is even greater. To stay relevant, health applications must be even more responsive and tailored to patient needs, with capabilities that make it even easier for them to find doctors, receive personalized health recommendations, and pay for care.

Build a real-time data layer that supports modern healthcare apps

It’s now more important than ever to have a digital health infrastructure with the performance and scale needed to support the widespread adoption of telemedicine, digital claims processing, and other software-driven approaches to healthcare, while helping you remain compliant with shifting regulations.

Power modern healthcare apps

Deliver healthcare applications with real-time performance

Redis Enterprise provides the real-time performance needed for highly responsive health applications, real-time provider searches, intelligent call routing for health advocates, and more.

Modernize claims processing and utilization management platforms

Redis Enterprise can help optimize your revenue lifecycle by powering modern claims processing and utilization management platforms. Use Redis Enterprise as a stateful message broker or event store for insurance claims that can be searched in real time.

Apply AI to patient data analytics and fraud detection

With the ability to serve AI and machine-learning models where your data lives, Redis Enterprise enables efficient patient data analytics and fraud detection that can take place in line with insurance claims.

Simplify cloud migration and IT modernization

Redis Enterprise is available on all of the major cloud providers as a managed service, or as software. It supports automation of common operational tasks, and offers tiered memory and storage approaches that deliver cost savings while maintaining sub-millisecond performance.

“It really wasn’t cost effective to maintain [open source] Redis internally; it was a lot better to get involved with others who were experts in the technology.”

Spenser Aden
Senior Director of Product Architecture, HealthStream

Build healthcare apps with real-time performance

Redis as a cache

Caching decreases application response times by serving frequently needed data from an in-memory cache instead of making calls to a database with network-attached persistent storage. Redis Enterprise provides enterprise-grade caching with expiration and eviction policies to efficiently manage cache objects, global distribution with Active-Active replication, and virtually unlimited scale.

Redis Streams

Redis Enterprise can act as an event store with Redis Streams supporting claims processing platforms designed to ingest and analyze large amounts of transactions in real time, or process data in response to real-time events.

Search and Query

Search and Query provides full-text search and secondary indexing capabilities on top of Redis to ensure that searches across transaction history or geospatial data are fast and accurate. In addition to instantly indexing new data, documents and indexes can be co-located—eliminating the need to keep them synchronized across multiple databases.

Reduce operational complexity & lower costs

Multiple data models

By combining Redis modules and data structures, Redis Enterprise can power multiple components of a digital claims processing platform. The result is a simpler architecture that can process data across multiple models without needing to run multiple database clients and connectors.

High availability, persistence, and disaster recovery

Redis Enterprise uses a shared-nothing cluster architecture and is fault tolerant at all levels—with automated failover at the process level, for individual nodes, and even across infrastructure availability zones, as well as tunable persistence and disaster recovery.

Enterprise-grade security

Redis Enterprise comes with role-based access control (RBAC), administrative auditing, built-in encryption, and integrations with external identity providers to meet the security and compliance needs of your organization.

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