Events Horizon: AWS Summit San Francisco and PyCon 2015

The 2nd week of April is going to take a considerable toll on Python developers who are using AWS – two major events will be held back to back but more than 2,500 miles (or 4,000 km) apart. I’m referring, of course, to the upcoming AWS Summit in San Francisco on April 8th and 9th, and PyCon 2015 in Montreal from the 10th to the 12th. If you are going to schlep yourself to these two events, worry not! The Redis team will be at each conference to talk with you about everything Redis, and give away our coveted swag 🙂

In my experience, the AWS Summits are the place to be if you’re on that cloud – these free-to-attend events are packed end to end with top-notch sessions on all topics. This spring’s SF summit appears to be just as interesting as ever, with several talks focusing on the newest services that were announced during last year’s re:Invent: Amazon Aurora (the MySQL-compatible database service), AWS Lambda (the event-driven compute service) and the EC2 Container Service.

The annual PyCon is by far the largest community gathering of people who use and develop the open-source Python programming language. The entire event is an 8-day long marathon that begins with tutorials, continues with the actual conference, and ends with sprints (including a 5K Charity Fun Run). The conference itself has no less than 5 tracks running in parallel to cater to every Python developer’s whims and fancies, and features an expansive expo hall where you can meet the event’s sponsors (over 130 companies, including Redis of course!).

With Redis being the fastest database in the world, it is extremely popular with both communities – AWS cloud and Python users. So, whether you’re new to Redis and want to learn about it, or you’re already using Redis but want to take it to the next level – drop by our booths (#536 at the AWS Summit, #329 at PyCon) or book a meeting by shooting an email to Cameron, our VP of Marketing. Happy conferencing!