Extending Redis Cloud support to new Google Cloud Platforms regions

We, at Redis, are happy to share that we have recently extended our Redise Cloud (Redis Enterprise Cloud) services to 2 more regions on Google Cloud Platform. You can now use Redise Cloud service on the following GCP regions: Eastern US (us-east1), Central US (us-central1) and Northeast Asia (asia-northeast1)

Redise Cloud is an integrated Redis Service on Google Cloud Platform that is a fully managed database-as-a-service solution for hosting your Redis or Memcached databases. Redise Cloud provides stable high performance, effortless scaling and robust high availability features including persistence, cross zone/region/datacenter replication and instant automatic failover, with no data loss and is fully compatible with existing Redis applications.

Redis Enterprise Cloud
Redis Enterprise Cloud

Get Started with Redise Cloud

The steps here are super simple and go as follows:

  1. Sign up for a Redise Cloud account
  2. Create a new subscription
  3. Setup a Redis database
  4. Connect to your Database

You can sign up for our free tier plan today to get started.

For detailed information on Redise Cloud please visit our technical documentation