Five New Official Redis Clients

Redis is committed to making using our software a delight to use. Adding these five new clients makes it even easier to do so.

Our starting point in encouraging Redis use is making it easy for any developer to adopt. If you can get underway without having changing from familiar languages, tools, and application development platforms, you’re more likely to explore the powerful features we’re so proud of. Redis Stack supports a lot of functionality, with the latest supported protocols, embedded security, and performance that makes you gasp, “Wow, that’s fast!”

Redis now officially supports five open-source client libraries:

  • Jedis: A Java client designed for performance and ease-of-use
  • node-redis: A high-performance client for Node.js
  • redis-py: The Python interface to the Redis key-value store
  • NRedisStack: The C# ecosystem gets native support for Redis Stack
  • go-redis: The easiest way to use Redis with GoLang

More are on the way.

The new client libraries
The new client libraries

These client libraries seamlessly integrate into your applications. That means you can put your attention on creating awesome applications, instead of on debugging and patching third-party clients.

We are dedicated to keeping the client libraries updated with the latest functionality and optimizations that Redis Stack has to offer. Whichever Redis version you rely on, you can count on seamless migration and upgrades. We will provide a standard interface across all Redis flavors, whether you use Redis Open Source (Redis OSS), Redis Enterprise Cloud, Redis Enterprise Software, or Redis on Kubernetes.

By choosing our official Redis clients, you get:

  • Optimized performance: These clients make it easy to configure connection settings like connection pooling and timeouts. Tuning those correctly affects application response times.
  • Cost efficiency: These clients and supporting documentation make it easier to avoid client misconfigurations that can lead to wasted system resources, degraded performance, and a lot of developer cuss words.
  • Enhanced resilience: Our clients improve failover capabilities, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted service.

As part of our commitment to support developers, the officially supported libraries offer:

  • Expert support: Our team of Redis experts know these libraries. These people are ready to answer your questions on our discord server.
  • Robust security: Our supported clients include essential security features, such as mTLS support. They adhere to security best practices; if they didn’t, we wouldn’t work with them.
  • Timely updates: We are committed to release product updates promptly to address issues and vulnerabilities.

Choosing one of our official Redis clients means prioritizing your development experience. You and your teams can work on the fun stuff–building incredible applications–while we handle the complexities of client libraries.

To get underway, consult one of our Quick Start guides: