Introducing Redis Enterprise

Redis was founded in 2011 to deliver highly resilient and scalable Redis databases for enterprises worldwide. Over time we developed and fine tuned our technology to deliver its benefits in a robust, reliable automated manner both in a variety of cloud environments as well as downloadable software. Today, Redis unveiled Redis Enterprise (Redise), a unified brand representing an exponential increase to the power of Redis with the highest levels of availability in geographically distributed environments, effortless scaling to any dataset sizes, and significant cost reduction to enterprise customers, all the while retaining support for versatile open-source Redis, beloved for its data structures and modules, that deliver the fastest performance with the lowest compute resources and unmatched simplicity.

Redis Enterprise technology can be deployed in multiple ways including on any public cloud (Redise Cloud), in corporate VPCs (Redise Cloud Private), as self-managed software (Redise Pack), or as fully managed on-premises software (Redise Pack Managed). This provides maximum flexibility to enterprise application developers, architects, devops, and operations teams, who can choose their mode of Redis consumption depending on where they need the high performance and resilience of Redis Enterprise.

The success of Redis Enterprise is a testament to the innovation that Redis continues to foster, supplementing the efforts of the Redis open source community. Over 60,000 customers benefit from the investments that have delivered pioneering capabilities in the database world including database-as-a-service, RedisFlash, Modules,  Spark-Redis integration, Redis Search module, Redis-Machine Learning module, etc.

The introduction of Redise comes at a very important moment in the industry. Real-time experience or insight is not just a moniker or a vision statement anymore. Enterprises need and demand it today. Most databases that advertise this tend to either offer this level of performance in a very limited manner or simply market their roadmap. Redise by Redis is making real-time real today. Enterprises are leveraging Redise for mission critical e-Commerce, Personalization, Social, Fraud Detection, Metering, IoT, and other real-time applications.

Explore Redise on our brand new website at and experience the fastest and most prolific database in the world!