Like a Kid in a Candy Store: Dataversity’s NoSQLNow! 2014

Here’s a shocking confession for you: I’m a data-phile. I am fascinated by data and everything that has to do with it. Even after having spent the last 25 years with, in, under and against all sorts of data management systems – I still can’t get enough of it. I’m thrilled whenever I play with a new database technology and I thrive when I get to dive into a dataset. Yes, I’m a datamaniac and a data junkie.

I’m spilling my heart like this here because there’s a good chance that my addiction will get the better of me, and I’ll overdose soon. I’m talking, of course, about the upcoming NoSQLNow! event that’s two weeks away. This event is crammed with top notch sessions (see below for a partial list), with my personal highlight being the one where a customer presents his experience with Redis Cloud (see if you can spot it – and hurry, tickets are running out!).

I’ve prepared a list of sessions that I want to attend there, and believe you me it wasn’t an easy task – everything looks so yummy but I’ve had to painfully limit myself to one treat at a time:

Thursday, Aug 19th

Tung Nguyen   Tung Nguyen
Sr Director of Engineering
Bleacher Report

In this 30 min session you will learn how Bleacher Report used Redis to build a highly scalable, highly available, and top performing application with sub 60ms response times. Redis is an open source in memory NoSQL database best known for its sub-millisecond latency.

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Wednesday, Aug 20th

Thursday, Aug 21st

The volume, variety and velocity (:)) of quality sessions in this conference is really overwhelming – clearly it’s a must-attend event for my kind. I hope to see you there (if you’re still on the fence and trying to justify the cost – use the invitation). Tung and the team will also be hanging by our Redis booth with our usual pledge to dress up Redis users, decorate your laptop with stickers, and raffle some prizes. Or talk shop. If you want to book a meeting slot, feel free to contact Cameron (via email or twitter) or myself. Questions? Feedback? Email or tweet me – I’m highly available 🙂

Photo credit: Jixar