Deepening Our Partnership with Microsoft to Grow Redis Enterprise in the Cloud

I’m excited to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Microsoft Corp., to provide Redis Enterprise as two new tiers of Azure Cache for Redis. Our collaboration with Microsoft began in 2014 with the launch of Redis Cloud on Azure. Since then it has evolved into a unique and strategic partnership for both companies. 

Microsoft has co-developed offerings with various open source software companies, and this new initiative is unique in that it integrates two existing offerings. The service, currently in private preview, provides two new Enterprise tiers to Azure Cache for Redis, to enable both DRAM and SSD support. These new tiers are powered by Redis Enterprise, providing customers with the most feature-rich, highly available, secure Redis deployment on Azure. 

Over the last year we’ve worked closely with the Azure engineering and leadership teams, and we appreciate their invaluable support and effort to make this integration and partnership a success. We are pleased to have Julia Liuson, CVP of Microsoft’s Developer Division, join us at RedisConf 2020 Takeaway to talk more about our partnership. 

Redis on Azure built with online collaboration

The timing of a project of this scale and complexity certainly presented some obstacles. The spread of COVID-19 meant our engineers could not relocate from Tel Aviv to Redmond as planned. Instead, we moved all business, engineering, and product collaboration online. Together, we adapted, as many companies across many industries are doing to meet the changing needs of their customers. The global pandemic has put greater pressure and expectations on our customers’ ability to operate at scale, making it all the more critical for us to quickly develop and innovate on their behalf.

Throughout the development process, three key customer drivers were consistently top of mind: improve developer productivity, ensure operational resiliency, and ease cloud migration. Teams at both organizations were committed to building an integration that delivers these values to our customers. With the announcement of Redis Enterprise integration into Azure Cache for Redis, we meet these needs. 

Designed with the developer in mind

Used by millions of developers worldwide, Redis is one of the most widely adopted developer tools, and is helping power some of the world’s largest enterprises. As the most beloved data store in the world, developers are at the core of the vibrant and growing Redis community. 

This service makes it easier than ever for developers to leverage the functionality in Redis Enterprise on Azure. By integrating into the existing Azure Cache for Redis developer experience, users can spin up a Redis cluster in a matter of minutes. Additional Redis Enterprise capabilities allow developers to scale elastically, replicate globally, and reduce overhead involved in cluster management. As a fully managed Azure service, developers can focus on building applications, not managing infrastructure. With added support of Redis modules (RediSearch, RedisTimeSeries, RedisBloom), developers can address a wide variety of use cases with a single technology. Ultimately, with increased developer agility, enterprises can build and iterate software faster, delivering business value to their customers and establishing a competitive edge. 

Maintain operational resiliency  

Redis Enterprise on Azure Cache gives organizations the ability to quickly build, deploy, and scale applications using Redis while reducing security risks and downtime. Microsoft has spent years investing in the security of Azure. With more than 90 compliance certifications globally, Azure meets compliance requirements according to both geography and industry. 

The new Redis Enterprise tiers will provide the same enterprise-grade SLAs and Azure network isolation. Plus, when implementing geo-replication, organizations can confidently and securely scale their Redis caches while ensuring even greater levels of availability. 

Seamless and risk-free hybrid cloud migrations

As part of their cloud migration and application modernization journeys, organizations increasingly need access to exclusive tools offered by Redis within the native Azure environment. For industries like financial services, ensuring zero data loss during cloud migrations is non-negotiable. The Redis Enterprise tiers in Azure Cache for Redis enable active geo-replication, allowing customers to seamlessly replicate data and eventually migrate legacy data workloads from on-premises data centers to Azure in a risk-free way. 

The new Enterprise offering for Azure Cache for Redis is currently in private preview. To learn more, visit the Azure Marketplace, where you can request access to the preview service. You can also watch a demo from RedisConf 2020 Takeaway and read Microsoft’s blog post from Julia Liuson. For urgent requests, please email us at