Milestone Reached: 4k Customers

I like people and I like numbers, so it gives me great pleasure to announce that our customers have carried us across the four thousand mark. Based on the data, in little less than two years we have been experiencing Moore’s Law-like growth as shown by the graph above.

4000 is a significant number, and not only in the CS-sense. For starters, it is large enough to indicate scale – it would take a sizable conference hall to hold a party for all our customers! Every one of our 4k customers is part of the bigger Redis users base, which is in turn a part of the global Redis community. 4k customers have at least that many applications, all being used by hundreds of thousands of users (inspired by Matt Stancliff‘s vision).

Apart from establishing scale, 4k is also a velocity measurement – Redis ranks among the top NoSQL databases every year and there are no signs that this trend is about to stop. If anything, it’s just the opposite:

“…I’m pretty sure Redis has yet not reached its full potential because it was lacking in certain ways. We are going to release Redis 3.0.0 stable in the next days, and new features to improve memory usage, high availability and access control are currently actively developed for the next releases. With a more convincing, out of the box scalability and fault tolerance support in 3.0, and the new features planned in the 2015 roadmap, I hope to see Redis serving better the need of developers and operations people, and as a result, a raise in adoption, a larger community, and the project entering a more mature stage.”

Salvatore Sanfilippo, Inventor of Redis – DB Engines

Personally, I find that the nicest thing about the number 4k is that it is made of out of meat (or is it comprised of?). Each one of you – Redis’ customers, users and casual readers of this blog – is a real person with a story to tell about Redis. And that’s a story that I’d love to hear so feel free to tweet or email me – I’m highly available 🙂