NoSQL NOW! 2015

It’s hard to believe that a full year had passed since the last NoSQL Now! event, and yet now we’re only a week away from this year’s conference! If the 2014 agenda made me feel like a kid in a candy store, then 2015 looks like a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I mean, look at this (partial) list of topics that I’ve lifted from the conference homepage – there’s something for everyone in there:

Scale-Out Architectures, NoSQL Case Studies, Graph Databases, Enterprise NoSQL, Distributed Systems, Real-time Analytics, Security, In-Memory Databases, NoSQL Data Warehousing, Querying NoSQL, SQL on Hadoop, Data Modeling for NoSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra, Spark, Oracle NoSQL, HBase, MarkLogic, Couchbase, Apache Flink, Postgres, Redis, Apache Drill

Redis is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the event, and you’ll be able to find us in our session or our booth. I find that the best sessions are the ones that mix theory and practice, so that is exactly the type we’re planning to give. In it, Andrew Spencer, Director of Technology at Stance, will present how the company architected its website for optimal user experience using aMEANR stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js and Redis). Stance’s site is designed to be highly responsive to shoppers even under significant loads, so Redis is a natural choice for powering its unique online retail experience. Joining Andrew in this session will be Redis’ Co-Founder & CTO, Yiftach Shoolman, who’ll not only discuss use cases for in-memory NoSQL databases, but will also surprise you by explaining how these are, in fact, cost-effective.

Our booth will be the usual deal – top notch-Redis Geek gear for the taking, and quite a few raffles. But more importantly, we expect to have a full team at the event, so if you want to learn more about Redis and how you can use it to build great applications with top performance, then please come over for a chat!

Questions? Feedback? Email or tweet at me – I’m highly available 🙂