Now Generally Available on Pivotal Web Services

I’m delighted to announce that, starting today, our Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud services are generally available from the Pivotal Web Services Marketplace. Developers who are using Pivotal Web Services to run and scale their applications on top of the open source Cloud Foundry PaaS can immediately boost performance by adding our hosted and fully-managed cloud services. In addition to providing top performance for applications, our cloud services are fault-tolerant and can scale up (or down) without interruption to the service.

Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud Marketplace pages

We offer our services through a wide range of plans, from our free 25MB starter to a 50GB whopper, to suit every requirement and cater to every need. This documentation includes all the details you need to add and bind our services to your application from the command line, or from Ruby, Java, Python, PHP and Node.js. By letting us do your Redis and Memcached heavy lifting, you can focus on developing your applications.

Questions? Feedback? Email or tweet me – I’m highly available 🙂