Introducing Redis Cloud Free Trial on AWS Marketplace

Redis is offering a new 14-day free trial on AWS Marketplace.

For two full weeks, you can explore the full power of Redis Cloud with no upfront costs or commitments. That gives you an opportunity to try Redis for a variety of use cases. Among them: caching, real-time analytics, publish/subscribe messaging, geo-location support, vector database analysis, and a whole lot more.

Redis Cloud is the only option on AWS that delivers sub-millisecond speeds, provides 99.999% uptime, and saves up to 80% on infrastructure costs (compared to other Redis-compatible managed services). Our partnership helps existing AWS users access Redis Cloud’s simplified and automated database provisioning, billed directly from their AWS accounts.

With Redis Cloud, you get: 

  • Cost savings through efficient design: Save on infrastructure costs by combining multiple Redis databases in a multi-tenant design that efficiently uses compute resources at scale.
  • No operational headaches: Offload the work of managing Redis clusters and reclaim time to focus on building differentiating experiences.
  • No downtime when scaling: Avoid unnecessary maintenance windows by adjusting usage at any time while Redis Cloud handles all background infrastructure operations.
  • The ability to build reliable, low latency applications: Availability and persistence options offer up to 99.999% uptime SLA for global applications with support for Active-Active geo-distribution.
  • A data platform for all real-time data needs: As a cache, message queue, session store, leaderboard, full-text search engine, JSON document database, vector database, time-series database, and for probabilistic data structures such as bloom filters.

Redis Cloud is the most performant, reliable, and easy to use version of Redis, and getting started on AWS is easy and efficient. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, there’s an option to meet your needs. Hybrid? Multi-cloud? No problem.

How the free trial works

The free trial lasts for a 14-day period, OR when you use up to $500 in database subscriptions, whichever comes first. During the free trial, you can access Redis Cloud with full features, including product support access. Consult the step-by-step instructions to learn what’s involved, and sign up through the AWS Marketplace.

At the end of the trial period, you will automatically be subscribed as a Redis Cloud pay-as-you-go customer, unless you cancel your subscription first.

If you have any questions during the trial or need sign-up assistance, email to connect with a Redis expert.

Who qualifies?

New Redis Cloud customers qualify for the 14-day free trial. 

If you are currently a Redis Cloud customer, you may qualify for a Marketplace credit or proof of concept program. Fill out the form to get assistance from a Redis expert to learn about your options.

Learn more about the free trial. Or just start your free trial today.