Redis Hacking at the HSHacks III Hackathon

Last month, Redis was a sponsor of the third HSHacks Hackathon.     Teams came from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to spend 24 hours turning their ideas into working applications.  Although the teams worked late into the night, there was still time for some fun and games and even a few tutorials on some of the latest technology.

budding Redis hackers

Our developer relations team had a blast spending the day working with various teams on everything from debugging projects to helping the students find better algorithms to solve their problems.  We even got a chance to help a couple of first time hackers get up and running.  Several teams took a break from development to attend our introductory workshop on Redis.

As part of our involvement with the hackathon, we sponsored a best Redis hack contest for students interested in using Redis as part of their project.  Several teams, with a wide range of ideas, submitted applications to our content – including a first person shooter with a 3D spatial controller to an app for connecting congress with constituents.

We want to congratulate Team Vitruvian from Cupertino High School in Cupertino, CA for winning our content.  Team Vitruvian won not only the best Redis Hack competition but also the competition for the best use of of a healthcare dataset.

The team spent their 24 hours designing and building an app for improving the quality of health care provided patients in rural areas and developing countries.  The Vitruvian app centralizes the storage of patient records online, so that machine learning and AI can be applied to patient records.  For the hackathon the team prototyped identifying patients at risk for heart disease from their medical records.

Our budding hackers ran into a challenge while building their app – how could they process SMS messages received from the app.  Team Vitruvian turned to Redis and the built in pub/sub functionality to route messages to the proper system and send an appropriate response.

We are proud to be supporting the next generation of software engineers and Redis hackers.