Redis Labs and Mesosphere DC/OS Join Forces

As infrastructure diversification becomes more relevant, the tools developers need in order to build truly scalable and professional-grade software must evolve. Today marks a big step in that evolution, now that Redis Enterprise is available on the DC/OS (Data Center Operating System) platform.

When first developed in 2009, open-source Redis quickly gained popularity amongst users for its incomparable high performance and ease of use. It was, and still remains, the most powerful and unique database on the market. Today, hundreds of thousands of users are building and deploying complex big data applications on top of Redis.

Redis Enterprise (Redise) enhances open-source deployments with a technology layer that makes scaling effortless and transparent to the user. Redise also adds unmatched resilience, with high availability that protects against every failure scenario and is benchmarked to recover within seconds without losing data. Performance optimizations within Redise ensure that applications that use it achieve flawless high performance under any load. Today Redis supports over 60,000 customers globally, and is the first choice for enterprise Redis deployments both on-premises and in the cloud.

Mesosphere is gaining popularity as the provider of DC/OS, a platform that makes running containers, data services, and microservices easy across your own hardware and cloud instances. DC/OS is based on Apache Mesos, and is trusted by Verizon, Autodesk, Charter, Esri and many other Fortune 1000 companies.

Just this week, Mesosphere released DC/OS v1.9, a cutting edge, infrastructure-agnostic platform for building, deploying, and elastically scaling modern applications and big data services. We are thrilled to have been approached by the Mesosphere team, requesting Redis be one of their flagship partners for this launch. By enabling Redise Pack on DC/OS, users gain high performance, high availability and seamless scaling of Redise with Mesosphere’s sophisticated DC/OS technology, providing the premier platform for elastically scaling big data applications. Redis joins other popular services available in the DC/OS ecosystem, including Spark, HDFS and Kafka. DC/OS allows you to easily run containers, Redise Pack instances and micro-services across your hardware and cloud instances.

As the adoption of Redis continues to accelerate, users choose Redis to ensure enterprise-grade scaling and availability for their mission-critical applications. Now with the availability of Redis within Mesosphere DC/OS, customers have more choice and flexibility in how they deploy Redise. Together, we are powering digital transformation and solving the complex data issues that modern enterprises must solve.

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