Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster in Beta Now!

We’ve listened carefully during 2014 and today we are proud to announce the launch of our on-premise Redis offering: Redis Enterprise Cluster (RLEC). RLEC provides you with the same high performance Redis experience that you expect from us with the added benefit of managing your own cluster on any environment you choose, including on-premise, virtual private cloud, IaaS / PaaS, and many others.

We are inviting the Redis and developer community to take the RLEC beta for a test drive and give us your feedback. You can sign up and try Redis Enterprise Cluster here.

RLEC is based on proven technology that powers tens-of-thousands databases in our successful Redis Cloud service. With RLEC, you can enjoy all the benefits that made Redis Cloud so popular among developers:

Blazing fast performance: Capture the full potential of the fastest database on the planet. Reach 1.2 million ops/sec at <1 msec with a single cloud node.

Built-in Redis clustering technology: Deploy Redis clusters with multiple nodes in your preferred environment, on or off the cloud. No clustering/sharding experience or knowledge required!

Infinite scalability: Scale your Redis dataset to any size over your own resources; add as many nodes as needed. Easily grow or shrink your dataset with via an intuitive UI, a command line interface or RESTful API!

True high availability: Sleep well at night with out-of-the-box replication across datacenters and instant auto failover. Easily configure your app with data persistence and backups.

Best-in-class Redis expertise: Redis employs some of the world’s most talented Redis experts to provide an exceptional, reliable, and top performing Redis experience. Elite knowhow and experience at your fingertips.

Questions? Ping me on Twitter.