Redis Labs named leader in Gartner’s ODBMs MQ 2015

Gartner ODBMS Magic Quadrant

This is our very first year in Gartner’s ODBMS Magic Quadrant. And we are in the leader’s quadrant! This is a moment of unprecedented recognition for us and we are very proud.

This is a position many companies can only dream of achieving after successful maturation and market adoption of their technologies. For Redis Labs and Redis, this has been several years in the making, of course. But to make an appearance in the leaders quadrant the very first time and with such illustrious company, who have been around for dozens of years is quite an achievement for our team and for the entire Redis community!

It is rather like Redis, when you think about it. Redis has the leanest footprint in memory and it is rather simple and elegant to use — but the power it delivers is outsized, its performance beats every other technology hands down and its market adoption is groundbreaking. Redis alone has 40k+ customers which for such a young company is rather extraordinary.

The $35 billion database market has its dominant players, and the overall landscape changes slowly as data is precious. But with the increasing volume, variety and velocity of data, many alternatives have emerged to help organizations manage and make sense of different types of data. What drives Redis’ adoption is the unparalleled variety of use cases it serves with low complexity and blazing fast performance. As a result, Redis has become an increasingly critical layer of most web, mobile, IoT and API application stacks.

Redis Labs extends open source Redis with true high availability, seamless clustering and scaling as well as enterprise-grade monitoring and support. The robustness of our shared-nothing cluster architecture is what makes it possible for customers to get completely hassle-free Redis operation. And this is what we believe is reflected in our Gartner MQ scores.

We believe a key component of Redis Labs’ recognition is the technical prowess of the team. We delivered such an experience for our customers that we absolutely topped reference customer scores in overall experience of doing business with a vendor.