Redis Labs Series B Funding

Today we are announcing Redis’ Series B funding of $15M. Our leadership team secured these funds to continue fueling the incredible growth we’ve been so fortunate to enjoy, both with our ever-popular Redis Cloud service as well as with our newest product, Redis Enterprise Cluster (RLEC), which we unveiled earlier this year.

IMO, what we do here at Redis can be summed up in just two words: Technology and Service. I put Technology first because it’s easy to understand. After all, most of us here are geeks who get to mess around with some of the coolest technologies out there. Our engineers eat network splits for breakfast, munch on scalability for lunch, have a bite of performance optimization for dinner, and then start working in earnest.

Any technology is only good as long as it operates, and it’s no secret that technologies break. A server will crash, the Cloud can evaporate and software defects are as sure as death and taxes. Anyone who tells you differently is stupid, lying or both. But while you can’t avoid these facts of life hitting you at the least expected of moments, there’s one thing that makes all the difference once they do. Yep, Service is what really sets apart a technology because it’s the one and only thing that can turn an inevitable malfunction into a glitch instead of a total meltdown. Here’s a mushy analogy – if Technology is the mind of Redis, then Service is our soul.

Our company’s technological achievements would have been dwarfed had it not been for our passionately dedicated team who is entrusted with providing services to customers. You don’t notice them when everything’s running smoothly – it’s their job to make sure that it does. And when you do get to meet them, it is rarely in a stress-free context. Much like other unsung heros, they need to save the day, and do it with a smile.

We believe in providing the Best Service and Technology possible. We have our investors’ confidence (and money ;)) because they know this is but the beginning. The team we’ve assembled and the products we offer are proof of that. We’re scaling, and the sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the first step. Now, onwards.