Looking to re:Invent? It’s Time for a New Approach to Your Data Layer

It’s the time of year when companies take stock of the last twelve months—and lay the groundwork for the next year. It’s a time for big ideas, when you’re not just strategizing about minor improvements and optimizations, but looking for those monumental shifts that propel your business to an entirely new level.

It’s also the time for the AWS re:Invent show in Las Vegas. A lot has changed since Redis last appeared in-person at re:Invent in 2019. Actually, that’s probably a bit of an understatement. Massive shifts in the digital economy and consumer habits have permanently altered how we approach technology. During that same period, Redis has grown and changed an incredible amount, including launching RedisJSON (Powered by RediSearch) into public preview, bringing the community together with the One Redis initiative, and holding the most successful RedisConf to date earlier this year.

So this year, we’re switching up how we do things. Because the world has changed, and we all need to break through our assumptions and reinvent how we approach our customer experience.

Challenge your assumptions and
break the data matrix

Organizations are looking at digital transformations in an entirely different way. Fundamental shifts in customer behavior and business interactions mean that business as usual just isn’t enough to stay competitive. Doctor visits happen via telehealth, grocery shopping is done on your mobile phone, and your day-to-day meetings with colleagues are done over Zoom. Our daily lives are happening digitally, and we expect these experiences to feel like in-person interactions, with no interruptions and a seamless, real-time flow.

None of us can afford to look at our businesses the same way, and that same principle applies to our applications. Every time a customer interaction is slow, stalled, or returns the wrong data, we run the risk of losing that customer. The interconnectedness of customers through social media and other forums multiplies the risk, turning a handful of poor experiences into a landslide of lost customers.

The current thinking tries to improve customer experiences by combining a primary database, such as PostGres or MongoDB, with a secondary caching database, like Redis, to add a layer of real-time acceleration. But Redis Enterprise shatters this way of thinking. With Redis Enterprise you can employ a primary database and enterprise cache within the same solution, all with real-time responsiveness.

It’s the difference between accelerating your application and reinventing it.

Redis is driving a reinvention of your data layer

There’s a reason why we use the word reinvention. With reinvention, we fundamentally break down assumptions at a core level, keep what works, change what doesn’t, then rearchitect everything around a new, more powerful, groundbreaking core.

We’ve all seen the power of reinvention with electric cars. On the surface, an electric car looks like an internal combustion engine car. But the second you get in, you know it’s a completely different experience. Getting there wasn’t a simple lift and shift of the engine. It took examining established limitations, then breaking through them to accomplish what was previously thought impossible.

Redis is reinventing how you approach data. We’re challenging the assumption that you need separate data platforms for your cache and primary database, or that you need a complex platform with separate services for each data model. We don’t believe in limiting yourself to a separate data platform for every infrastructure, so we give you the flexibility to deploy in any cloud, hybrid, on-premises, or multicloud environment. And we’re shattering the illusion that global data layers have to be siloed and slow by giving you uninterrupted high availability (99.999%), diskless replication, instant failure detection, and single-digit-second failover across racks, zones, and geographies.

We’re also defying the belief that greater performance comes with greater costs. Because Redis Enterprise provides all that while still being the most cost-effective Redis. With Redis Enterprise, you can fundamentally change how you approach your data layer and consolidate it from disparate, siloed data platforms into a single, unified real-time source. All while cutting down on technical debt, optimizing your total cost of ownership, and allowing your developers to focus on innovation instead of keeping the lights on.

That’s the power of reinvention. It means harnessing a single data platform to create a real-time data layer that increases agility, accelerates time to market, and gives your customers an experience like never before.

Have fun and learn how to re:Invent your data layer

We’re challenging our own assumptions and taking our AWS data layer show virtual this year. Rather than silo our training and inspiration to Las Vegas, we’re holding a virtual event to help anyone around the globe reinvent their cloud data layer.

Join us this week and for the next couple months as we roll out:

  • RedisJSON Webinar: Join ex-Gartner analyst, Sanjeev Mohan, and Redis CTO, Yiftach Shoolman, to learn how you can improve performance of applications with the new real-time document store from Redis.
  • Screaming in the Cloud podcasts: Stay tuned for a series of podcasts hosted by Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group.
  • Deep dives: In-depth videos and blogs to help you build a more powerful, flexible, and cost-effective Redis capable of running at an enterprise scale.

And there’s more on the way. Check out our virtual event page and be ready to break the data matrix.