The IBM Cloud Marketplace: New Partnership Forged

Today I’m happy to announce our newly-founded partnership with IBM’s Cloud Marketplace. Because Redis is a launch partner of the new marketplace, customers can immediately use our Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud services to build blazing fast and scalable applications. Our enterprise-class service can be used together with 100+ other SaaS applications and services in the marketplaceand IBM’s SoftLayer Cloud (which we’ve actually been using since earlier this year with terrific results).

IBM’s expertise and track record of powering and delivering enterprise-grade solutions for more than a century are well-known. Our partnership with IBM allows us to leverage that expertise, while expanding the reach of the best hosted and fully-managed Redis and Memcached services, without compromising on our core strengths: infinite scalability, high availability and stable top performance.

I invite you to visit our Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud offers at the IBM Cloud Marketplace tp try out the services with a click of your mouse – you can start with our free 25MB plan and upgrade at any time without service interruption or configuration changes.

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