Unveiling the New Redis Enterprise Cloud UI

I’m delighted to announce that we have commenced rollout of the new and improved user interface for Redise Cloud users.

The gradual rollout process will be performed over the coming weeks, so some of you may still see our old interface for a little while—don’t you worry, we will get to you as well!

This upgrade is the beginning of a series of upgrades that will align the user experiences across the entire Redise platform.

Redis Cloud
Redise Cloud

With this new interface you get an enhanced and modernized user experience along with a huge aesthetic upgrade. We have simplified many of the user experiences with this new interface so you can expect to get things done much more quickly and easily.

Under the hood you still get the same secure, highly available and fully-managed Redis, while enjoying the seamless, zero-downtime scaling and true high availability of Redise Cloud.


Here’s a short video introduction to our new interface:


In addition to the new user interface, we have recently added support for payments through AWS SaaS Marketplace.


This new integration simplifies the payment process for AWS users by consolidating all cloud-related service fees into one bill.

Your feedback and opinion matters to us! Feel free to drop us a line with your feedback at pm.group@redis.com