Up to 30% Price Reduction for Redis Cloud on Windows Azure

Today we’re proud to announce a price reduction for Redis Cloud on Windows Azure. In line with Window’s Azure price reduction of up to 22% on memory-intensive compute instances across Windows, Linux and Cloud Services, we’ve aligned pricing for both our Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud services with reductions by up to 30%.

Current Windows Azure users building highly scalable apps with Redis Cloud will immediately benefit from the price reduction… no action required. See our current pricing for Windows Azure and other public clouds here.

Why build apps with Redis?

Completely served from RAM, Redis is the fastest datastore available today and one of the top databases chosen by developers. Many modern day applications use Redis because of its numerous attractive data types and commands, which can achieve uses cases such as:

  • real time analytics
  • social app functionality (i.e. time lines, notifications, followers, and following)
  • job management
  • geo-search
  • and many others

Build an app to any size with highly available… forever

Many developers build high traction apps by using Windows Azure for its high performance infrastructure and Redis Cloud to fully capture the super-fast read/write capabilities of Redis. More than 1,400 Redis customers currently power their apps with use Redis Cloud for its infinite scalability, true high availability, top performance, and zero management.

Sign up today at www.redis.com for a free 25MB Redis instance.

Questions? Contact me at cameron@redis.com or a twitter @Redis.