Redis Cloud
Real-time NoSQL Data Platform on AWS

The need for a real-time data platform

Growing organizations collect, store, and process vast amounts of data. That means they need efficient data management, processing, and analysis to avoid being overwhelmed by data and to avoid missed opportunities. The answer? A data platform that offers a centralized and scalable infrastructure that improves data accessibility, enables faster insights, enhances operational efficiency, and drives innovation. But as helpful as a data platform may be, it only gets the business so far…

Enter the real-time data platform. Sub-millisecond data retrieval provides the foundation for building real-time experiences, data analytics, machine learning, and data-driven decision-making.

Reimagine your data layer on AWS

Use Redis Cloud to collect, store, and process data in real-time. With support for multi-model data structures, developers can easily implement a wide range of use cases from caching and messaging to session and feature stores. Its publish/subscribe messaging system allows different application components to communicate and share data seamlessly, and its streaming features allows processing of large datasets, enabling real-time analytics, notifications, and event-driven architectures.

Redis Cloud serves as a unified data layer, consolidating data from multiple sources into a single cohesive platform. Organizations can create a unified view of their data by integrating multiple data sources and databases with Redis Cloud, simplifying access and reducing complexity. This unified improves data availability, reduces duplication, and enhances the efficiency of data-intensive applications.

Reduce operational burden by running data workloads in the cloud

Easily move data into the cloud and offload the operational burden of managing legacy databases with Redis Enterprise. Quickly scale applications without concerns about provisioning underlying infrastructure or compromising performance. And take advantage of the built-in reliability of Redis Enterprise with up to 99.999% uptime.

Migrating to the cloud can bring enormous value to your organization. Still, it can be a risky endeavor without a reasonable cloud data layer strategy in place. With Redis Enterprise’s support for hybrid deployment models, migrating your data layer to the cloud with Redis Enterprise is easy and helps your business stay efficient and competitive. 

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Perform real-time data analytics

Monitor and analyze data as it is generated, so you can detect patterns, trends, and anomalies in a timely manner. With real-time data, organizations can proactively identify opportunities, address potential risks, and optimize operations. 

Real-time analytics is particularly valuable where quick decision-making and instant response are critical, such as in finance, e-commerce, cybersecurity, logistics, and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. For example, Redis Cloud can be used with Grafana dashboards to detect anomalies of data in transit.

Scale cost-efficiently with Redis Cloud on AWS

As data volumes grow, so does the cost to store that data. Realize cost savings through Redis Cloud’s efficient design and get more out of your AWS infrastructure with a multi-tenant data platform architecture. 

Get real-time performance while managing costs with automatic tiering of data between memory and disk storage. Redis Cloud automatically offloads less frequently used data to disk to keep costs low while maintaining sub-millisecond latency.

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Redis Cloud on the AWS Marketplace

Redis Cloud is available on the AWS Marketplace. This means you can quickly deploy and manage your Redis instances directly from the AWS console, streamlining your operations and reducing time-to-market.

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