Benjamin Renaud

Chief Technology Officer

team member headshot

Benjamin is an entrepreneur and a technologist with deep experience building strong teams and shipping market-leading products. He began his career as one of the engineers on the original Java team at Sun where he authored the crypto libraries and made major contributions to security and networking. He holds several patents in computer networking and security.

Benjamin joined Redis after serving 4 years at Airbnb where he led Engineering, Product and Design for the Airbnb for Real Estate team. That team was built around Airbnb’s acquisition of Urbandoor in 2019, which Benjamin co-founded in 2015.

Prior to founding Urbandoor, Benjamin spent 4 years as Vice-President of Engineering at Cisco, after it acquired Versly, another company he co-founded. Prior to Versly, Benjamin was Deputy CTO at BEA Systems. He came to BEA via the acquisition of WebLogic, where he was one of the early engineers.

Benjamin holds a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started programming in elementary school on an Apple ][ and has never stopped.